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Hexham FC Betting Sevice with My Club Betting

Hexham FC have signed up with My Club Betting to provide a betting service to our senior members & supporters in fact anyone who would like to help us

myclubbetting.com is a specialised marketing & communication platform that provides a FREE betting service for your club, giving your fans & supporters their very own, easy-to-use, fast and efficient betting service that pays their club dividends with a CASH revenue stream and FREE kit & equipment.


How it Works


myclubbetting.com will pay 20% of all net revenues generated by your users betting & gaming through your OWN club’s service. In addition, each person that signs up to your service will also help Hexham Football Club get FREE KIT & EQUIPMENT*.


Start making money as your users log in to their single, easy-to-use account with myclubbetting.com. This unique service gives some of the best up-to-the-minute odds. The service provides a professional betting service with in-play real-time betting. This desktop and multi-mobile solution is for your club, for your fans, and your supporters, and will generate £££’s for our club.


This works from the web on your PC/Laptop/Tablet or phone



                                                                                  Anyone can sign up from this link